A registered Indonesia manufacturing & export company.
  Desa Luwang RT 01 / RW 05. Luwang , Gatak - Sukoharjo. Central Java 57557. INDONESIA.

Phone ;  OFFICE HOURS    +62 (0271) 7891553              ALL HOURS    +62 81226166653/ +62 8112956653

We are MANUFACTURERS & EXPORTERS of Home & Garden products made in Indonesia.


 FACTORIES & WAREHOUSES. We have 4  factories & a dispatch/export warehouse. A total of over 20,000 square meters (65,000 square feet)

OUR CLIENTS. We export to clients in over 20 countries. Including: U.S.A. – Canada – Australia – New Zealand – Germany – U.K. – France – Spain – Netherlands – Belgium – France – Portugal – China – Singapore – Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay – Uruguay – Plus others.

We can ship to your doorstep.

PRODUCTS IN A CONTAINER. You can put as many products as you want in a container. There is no minimum order on products.

 PACKING & LABELING. We do all packing and labelling IN HOUSE.

 CONTAINER  STUFFING.  We do all container stuffing IN-HOUSE.

We have a full time team that do nothing but load containers. They are professional and very experienced.

 SHIPPING. We can ship to any part of the globe.

FUMIGATION.We can arrange all your fumigation requirements.

DOCUMENTATION.We do all your documentation and will forward it to you or your agent.

 PAYMENT.We require 50% deposit. Balance payable 4 days before container stuffing.

 YOUR SECURITY.When paying a deposit or a balance we all want to be sure our money is safe. CV PRIME JAVA is a registered Indonesian company. We are happy to provide all prospective clients details and contacts of our old clients for recommendation on our honesty, ethics and financial security.



 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Indonesia). Solo branch. (Central Java)

Bank of America (Houston. Texas)

Property. We own our property freehold.


 If you so require we offer a Value Adding service that fills all the small free spaces in your container. Empty space in a container cost money so we fill these spaces with what we call CONTAINER FILLERS (Smalls).

These are low priced “Cash & Carry” items you can sell in your store.

Because these products are only cheap in price you have to leave to our selection what we put in your container. You may give us a guide on the type of products you require and we will use this as a guide. 

We do not load you up with one type of smalls – instead we mix the variety so you have a good display presentation in your store.


 Q/.Do you ship containers from Bali?

A/. NO. ITS JUST TOO EXPENSIVE. Bali is a tourist island and as such you are paying near tourists prices and Bali is an island with no international container terminal. All containers must be transported to Bali from the nearest international container port. Being Surabaya, then returned to Surabaya for shipping. This can cost at least USD1600 extra, and in Bali there is a never ending list of extra costs. Anyway near all the products are made in Java factories – so why not buy direct and save.

So if your serious about obtaining products at the right price  “BUY DIRECT FROM THE FACTORIES”.

Q/.Why are you based in Solo. Central Java?.

A/. Central Java is the manufacturing and raw material hub in Indonesia. By being in Solo we are close to a skilled workforce and raw materials. We are also close to an international terminal port being Semarang.

 Q/. If I buy from you will you also supply my opposition?

A/. NO. We are very loyal to our clients and pride ourselves on good business ethics. We will only supply to one client per area.

 Q/. Some products require wooded crating. Do you do this.

A/. Yes. This service is included in the price of the product.

Q/. My country requires all timber crating to be I.S.P.M. approved and stamped. Do you do this?

A/. Yes. All our timber crating is both stamped and labelled with I.S.P.M. approval.  

Q/. Can you arrange fumigation.

A/. Yes. And we will forward all the fumigation documents to you or your agent.